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TamperMonkey (Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (Firefox)


This allows you to install custom scripts which will be gone over in the next section. A script is a small piece of code that allows you to alter a web page to achieve a certain function. For example, there's a script that puts your worker ID and projected earnings at the top of every page on mturk so you don't have to go back to the dashboard every time you need your worker ID. This needs to be installed first before any of your scripts work. It will also automatically update your scripts to keep them up to date.  

ChromeReload (Chrome) or Reloadevery (Firefox)


This allows you to auto-refresh a page at certain intervals (IE every 5 seconds the page will refresh). It is very useful for grabbing extra HITs in batches that tend to disappear quickly and sometimes getting HITs even when it says "0 available." To make the most use of this, look at the URL when you are previewing a HIT. Where the URL says "preview?..." change it to "previewandaccept?..." and set the reloader to refresh every 5 seconds. HITs that get returned or expire from other turkers will be added back to the batch, and if you're reloading the page every 5 seconds, there's a good change you'll grab some. Make sure you are not accepting more than you can complete before they expire. Also note that some requesters like Crowdsource and Crowdflower will not let you accept more than 1 HIT at a time.

Context Menu Search (Chrome) or Context Search (Firefox)


This add-on allows you to highlight text, right click it, and provides a "search (highlighted text) in Google (or IMDB, Wikipedia, etc)" option. This saves you from opening a new tab, going to Google (or other site), and typing in the terms for search HITs. It does not work on HITs like Crowdsource where you can't highlight the text (at least not without another script), but is useful for a variety of HITs and general web browsing where you need info from Google, IMDB, Wikipedia, etc and links are not already provided.

Page Monitor (Chrome) or Check4Change (Firefox)


This add-on allows you to keep track of when a web page changes, allowing you to access HITs quickly and easily. So how is this helpful? Well, if you know a certain requester or group of HITs is worth doing, and you want to know when they're available, you'll monitor the search for that requester or HIT when the page displays “no results” and you'll be alerted as soon as results are found. Page Monitor is very useful for knowing when the good HITs are available. Check4Change is slightly less useful because it requires you to keep a tab open if you want to monitor it. Page Monitor also has options for how frequently to check for changes, desktop notifications, and sound notifications. Be careful not to monitor too many searches too frequently, or else you'll get the “maximum number of page requests” error from mturk and it will mark all of your searches as changed even if the HITs aren't available. To avoid this, put a few searches on short timers and the rest on long timers, and generally stagger how often it's checked (IE you don't want all of your searches being checked for every 30 seconds or else you'll get this error.) A full Page Monitor guide can be found on mturkforum.

Turkopticon (TO) (Firefox and Chrome)


This is likely the most important add-on available. It provides you with reviews left by other turkers for each requester right in your search results. You will see a small triangle to the left of the requester name. Hover your pointer over it to get a quick overview of the ratings and click on the link that says "scores based on x reviews" to be brought to the TO site to view all ratings (you need to sign up with an email address, but it is safe.) When searching for HITs, this can help you tell the good from the bad, and the new from the well established. Just because a requester has no TO reviews doesn't mean you should skip the HIT, as there are constantly requesters just testing the waters on mTurk. You can also use this script to easily leave reviews (positive or negative) for requesters you've worked for.

Don't Track Me Google


This extension is very handy for mTurk and general web browsing. Have you ever noticed that when you click a link through Google and get a long URL instead of the page URL? This removes the Google redirect so you go immediately to the target page. This makes it so that in search HITs, you can just right click the search result and choose "copy link address" and you will get the actual site address instead of the Google search link. It also has the added benefit of adding privacy to your browsing by blocking Google's ad tracking bots.

Block Requesters


This script allows you to block certain requesters from your search results, useful to filter certain known bad requesters out of your search results thus increasing your chances of finding better HITs. Were you burned by a certain requester or notice that a requester only puts up a certain type of HIT that you don't want to do? Block them!

Block Individual HITs


Allows you to block individual groups of HITs from your search results. Used in order to get certain HITs out of results without blocking all of the HITs a requester might post. This is useful if a certain HIT gets reposted a lot and you're ineligible to retake it. You can block that specific HIT without blocking all of the HITs that a requester might post.

Discover Fake Availabilities


Have you ever clicked a link to a HIT only to get the "no more HITs available" message? This helps solve that issue (something that amazon could fix by improving their search function.) What this script will do is change the color of the “view a HIT in this group” links. Blue means you've never viewed a HIT in that group. Purple means you have. Red means there's no more HITs available in the group, even if it still appears on the search results.

MTurk Expanded Header


This script adds your account balance and worker ID to the top of every page on mTurk. It is very handy for copying your worker ID without going to your home page and it is nice to know how much is in your account at all times. Whether you're searching for, viewing, or completing a HIT, this information appears at the top of every page on mTurk.

HIT Database


This is probably the most useful script you will find. Not only will it add pending earnings and the option to set a daily goal, but it keeps track of all the HITs you've done and allows you to search through them, helping you prevent repeats. Make sure you click "update database" at least once a day (this will take a long time your first time doing it.) Click "requester overview" for a list of requesters you've worked for, then Ctrl+F to bring up a search box, type in the requester name, and click the arrow to the left to bring up all the HITs you've done for the requester. It orders your results by how much money you've made off from each requester so it's a good way to view who has been the most profitable requesters for you.

Status Page Chart


Mostly cosmetic, but useful. Places some graphs on your daily totals page of your earnings and HITs done. To find your graph after this is installed, go to your dashboard and click "view more" at the bottom right of the "Your Hit Status" section with your daily totals.

MTurk Great HIT Export for Mturk Forum


Have you noticed the nicely formatted links to HITs with all of the information already in the post that many users post on the thread? Ever wondered how to do this? This script is the answer. If you find a good HIT and feel like sharing it, install this script. Next to your search results, you'll see a little box to the right of the title that says "vB." Click it, and a box with all the information pops up, nicely coded for posting to the forum. Copy the contents of the box, click on the box to make it go away, then paste it in the thread and you are done!

Highlight Unhighlightable Text Link


This script is for use specifically with Crowdsource's URL ranking HITs. It's beyond me why they make it so you can't highlight the text in the HIT, but thankfully someone made this handy script. Just install it, and you can now highlight the text in the HIT. Combine this with Context Menu Search and all you need to do is highlight, right click, open in Google, and you've shaved off a few precious seconds.

Highlight Unhighlightable Text (Marketing)


Exactly the same as the CrowdSource script, only for use with the requester Marketing (and their counterpart Edwin Massey.)

AutoHotKey Scripts


AutoHotKey is a program for Windows that allows you to automate keystrokes. These scripts are different than user scripts and are not managed by Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. These are little bits of code to automate keystrokes for you for certain HITs. You'll need to program them yourself, or find a script someone else made in order to get them to work. There is some controversy over using this on HITs, so use at your own discretion. After you've installed AutoHotKey and put your custom script in, use the designated keystroke to apply the script. Probably the most requested AHK script is for Product RNR and discussion/user scripts can be found in this thread.  

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